Translator Disclaimers
Receptionist Desk 609-777-3300
Fax Number   609-777-3320
Utility Consumer Complaints  


Cable Television Complaints  800-624-0331 

President's Office


Joseph L. Fiordaliso, President                                    

Aide to the President: Heather Weisband                         


Assistant: Joan Delli Santi


Fax Number: 609-292-2264



Commissioners Office


Dianne Solomon, Commissioner                                             

Assistant:  Anissa Torres                                      


Fax Number:  609-292-3886

Mary-Anna Holden, Commissioner             

Assistant:  Evelyn Dowling                                      


Fax Number:  609-292-3886


Upendra Chivukula, Commissioner              

Assistant: Angelita Flores  609-633-9837
Fax Number: 609-292-3887

Bob Gordon, Commissioner              

Assistant: Enit Torres 609-777-3315
Fax Number: 609-292-3887





Chief Of Staff's Office


Grace Strom Power, Chief of Staff                                   


Michael Schweder, Deputy Chief of Staff                                        


Assistant: Consowella Harris                                          


Fax Number:   609-292-2264


Division of Administration

Vacant, Director                                          

Assistant: Naja Dunn                                                                                                                                    609-292-2456
Fax Number:   609-292-2619


Budget and Finance

Mike Greco, Chief Fiscal Officer                                                                                                     609-777-3318
Bruce Goldberg                                                          609-777-3328
Fax Number: 609-777-3336


Office of Communications


Matthew Hersh, Director  
Assistant:Erika Hernandez                                                                                                                    609-292-1951
Fax Number: 609-292-2264


Office of the Economist


Dr. Ben Witherell, Chief Economist                                                                              609-292-2637
Assistant: Vacant 609-292-2933
Fax Number: 609-292-3191


Division of Human Resource

Assistant: Dondru Phillips                                  609-292-1644
Fax Number:  


Division of Information Technology

Lori DiGaetano, CIO                                                                      609-292-2423
Assistant, Carmen Ledoux  609-292-1363
Fax Number:  609-292-1676


Office of the Ombudsman


Sara Bluhm                                                            609-777-3304
Fax Number 609-777-3336


Office of Policy and Planning

Michael Winka, Senior Policy Advisor                                              609-777-3312
Assistant: Diane Hewitt                                                          609-777-3315


Chief Counsel's Office

Noreen Giblin, Chief Counsel                                           

Assistant: Maria Gaglioti   609-292-1482
Fax Number:    609-777-3332


Office of Federal and Regional Policy

Cynthia Holland, Director                                            

Assistant: Maria Gaglioti   609-292-1482
Fax Number:    609-777-3332


Division of Clean Energy

Ken Sheehan, Director  
Sherri Jones, Assistant Director  
Assistant:  Sharon Hobdy                                                609-292-1990
Fax Number 609-777-3200


Executive Directors Office

Paul Flanagan, Executive Director                                                  

Assistant:  Donna Sebest  609-292-1573
Fax Number:     609-777-3348


Division of Audits

Alice Bator, Director                                                        

Assistant:  Vacant 609-292-0628
Fax Number: 609-292-2620


Office of Cable Television and TeleCommunications

Lawanda Gilbert,  Director                                        

Assistant:  Renee Frierson   609-341-9428
Fax Number: 609-777-3325


Division of Energy

Stacy Peterson, Director                                                            
Assistant: Laverne Montlouis   609-292-2453
Fax Number:  609-341-5781


Office of State Energy Services

Tom Walker, Director                                                           609-777-3327

Division of Reliability and Security

James Giuliano, Director                                                      

Assistant:  Cynthia Graham  609-633-7341
Fax Number:  609-341-5782


Division of Water

Maria Moran, Director                                                        

Assistant:  Tracey Cullins  609-292-2411
Fax Number 609-292-1649


Office of the Secretary

Aida Camacho, Secretary of the Board

Assistant: Dawn Gray-Hubbard 609-292-1554
Fax Number:         609-777-3348
Case Management  
Karriemah Graham, Chief   609-292-2338
Fax Number:  609-777-3349


Division of Customer Assistance

Eric Hartsfield, Director                                                    

Assistant:  Karen Flynn 609-341-9158
Fax Number: 609-777-3329