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The Office of the Economist advises the Board on economic and financial matters as well as policy issues. The Chief Economist focuses on strategic, analytic and policy matters relating to public utility regulation.   It is responsible for analyzing and recommending action on cost of capital issues in rate cases, evaluating utility requests to sell securities and assessing utility merger and acquisition proposals.

It analyzes the financial performance of regulated utilities, advising the Board on capital and earnings requirements to assure that the financial integrity of the utilities is sufficient to provide reasonably priced utility service.  The Office evaluates how proposed alternatives to rate-of-return regulation would impact ratepayers including replacing traditional cost-based regulatory structures with market-based incentive mechanisms in order to improve efficiency and minimize

The Office also evaluates initial public offerings, industry restructuring proposals, asset securitization, risk management, company diversification activities, basic generation service auctions and initiates focused audits.  Special projects include development and implementation of accelerated infrastructure programs for utilities, financing new nuclear development, evaluation of offshore wind proposals and the review of recent economic developments on utility pension costs.