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Task 1 Follow-Up Questions and Responses
T1 Followup ChargEVC Presentation to BPU EV Working Group  Jan 21 2018

T1 Followup 2018.02.09 - BPU Responses, Follow-up Task 1 Questions (ChargePoint)

T1 Followup CHARGEVC_answers_BPU_3rd_question_set_020818

T1 Followup Rate Counsel EV Stakeholder Comments

T1 Followup JCP&L EV Stakeholder Follow Up Task 1 Comments 2-2-18

T1 Followup Rate Counsel  Comment Cover Letter

T1 Followup BPU EV Task 3 Comments NRDC

T1 Followup University of Delaware Comment - NJ EV Stakeholders Group 1.31

T1 Followup 2018 01 26 Sierra Club Cmts re NJ BPU Track 1 Follow-Up Qns

T1 Followup ACE Responses to EV Stakeholder Group Questions (02.02.2018)

T1 Followup Alliance for Transportation Electrification Comments to NJ BPU 2018-02-09

T1 Followup ChargEVC New Jersey Study FINAL Jan 26 2018

T1 Followup Greenlots NJ BPU Comments 2.9.18

T1 Followup New Jersey BPU - GM Comments to Task 1 Questions_9 Feb 2018_final

T1 Followup NJBPU- EVI  questions final

Misc Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Stakeholder Documents
PJM Flyer on DR and End-Use Customer Fact Sheet 2-5-2018

January 22 2018 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Presentations & Documents
DEP for 1-22-18 BPU EV Stakeholder Meeting

NJBPU Mike Winka 1-22-18 EV Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

Presentation prepared by NJBPU Mike Hornsby

Con Edison Presentation

T1 Followup ChargEVC Presentation to BPU Working Group Jan 21 2018

Presentations EV November 22 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
ChargePoint Presentation at 11/27/17 Stakeholder Meeting

ChargEVC Presentation at 11/27/17 Stakeholder Meeting

BPU Presentation at 11/27/17 Stakeholder Meeting

Con Edison EV SmartCharge Reward Flyer

Task 2 Comments
Greenlots Task 2 Comments

JCP&L Task 2 Comments

General Motors Task 2 Comments

EVConnect Task 2 Comments

NJDRC Task 2 Comments

NRDC Guiding Principles Task 2 Comments

Tesla Task 2 Comments

BYD Task 2 Comments

ChargePoint Task 2 Comments

ACE Task 2 Comments

NRDC Task 2 Comments

Greenspot Task 2 Comments

Businovation LLC Task 2 Comments

ChargEVC Task 2 Comments

ChargEVC Roadmap Task 2 Comments

Comments on NJBPU’s EV Infrastructure Stakeholder Process
NJ Rate Counsel

NJCCC Comments

NJ BPU EV Stakeholders

Role of EDCS in EV

Sierra Club

Atlantic City Electric

ACE Presentation



DEP EV Talking Points

Comments by AFM

Greenlots Comments

JCP&L EV Stakeholder

NJBPU Stakeholder comments

Copy of Stations Historical Data

EIA NJ State Profile from Dan Udovic - Stevens University

INETS CO2 Emissions

Chargepoint Draft Response

NJRC Reply Comments


Infrastructure Program Straw Proposal Stakeholder Comments (Docket #AX17050468)
5-12-17 ETG Infra Straw Proposal Comments FINAL

51217 Ltr Additional Infratstructure Filing

49113431_1_NJLEUC Comments to Straw Proposals-C3

ACE - Comments - Stakeholder Process Expansion of Infrastructure Programs

ARH Associates Infrastructure public comment 5-11-12

As Filed NJUSA Statement in Support of BPU Infrastructure Straw Proposal May 4 2017

EDF Infrastructure Program Stakeholder Process Initial Comments 5.12.17

IMO BPU Infrastructure Programs Stakeholder Process

Straw 2 Comments May 12 Final to Irene Kim Asbury

AARP Comments Infrastructure 5-12-17

2017-05-12 - PSEG Comments on infrastruc

Provisional Rate Implementation Proposal Stakeholder Comments (Docket #AX17050469)
51217 Ltr Implementation for Provisional Rates Filing

49113431_1_NJLEUC Comments to Straw Proposals-C3

ACE - Comments on Implementation of Interim Rates

NJNG 5-12-17 Interim Rates public comment

Rate Counsel Comments on Provisional Rates Straw Proposal

          Attachment to Rate Counsel Comments

Straw 1 Comments May 12 Final to Irene Kim Asbury

AARP Comments Provisional Rates Filings 5-12-17